Telephone service

Business calls are as important as business meetings.

Pay Per Click Management

Good connection without any problems is the basic concern of every telephone. Moreover, it is not suggested to mix your private phone with your work phone. For this, we have a solution for you.



Multiple telephone numbers

We dispone of multiple telephone numbers that you can use for professional purposes. Just choose one and make the call!

Call within Slovakia and around the world

With this number, you can call within Slovakia, and other countries all around the world - all this with privacy of your own persona.

Set up for outside calls

You can also make calls to all countries around the world - set-up for outside calls cost 50 EUR/ One-time fee + deposit of 500 EUR for connector that will be given back once not in use.

Good price

The price for the telephone service is 25 EUR/1 Month (without VAT).