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If you are going to use a shared space that is quiet and professional area for your business, we are here for you. Rent a desk allows you to grow your business in a safety space.

We are happy to announce that the co-working space in Pana Trade Center is available for everyone! If you are not really a rental-obligated person and you prefer a quick gateway to office for one day, this possibility is perfect for you!
Our co-working space consists of 6 separated tables with comfortable chairs, office supplies, printer, and sofa for some well-deserved relax. What is more, you can enjoy delicious coffee from our B2B Café which can offer Espresso, Café Latté, Cappuccino and much more. Use printer, Wi-Fi, and other office equipment for free and get the hard-work done!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How to cancel the dedicated desk agreement?

A: If you are going to cancel the agreement, you can send an email or write a letter at least 2 months before ending the agreement.

Q : Is it possible to use the meeting room?

A: Absolutely, this can be booked via site or in person.

Q : Is it possible to use the office equipment for free?

A: Sure , Use printer, Wi-Fi, and other office equipment for free and get the hard-work done!

Q : How can to reserve dedicated desk?

A: By sending an email or filling out an application form on the site, either in person or by phone call +421 233104100-10.

Possible Risks

Market risk, or “principal risk” is the chance that a downturn (or a bad investment) chews up your money. It’s there for both stocks and bonds — when interest rates rise, bondholders will see the market value of their paper shrink — and for most people it’s the big bugaboo.

Inflation or purchasing-power risk for most people is the “risk of avoiding risk” — the opposite end of the spectrum from market risk — the possibility that you are too conservative and your money can’t grow fast enough to keep pace with inflation

We Will help you to understand:

  • Retirement Financial Planning with Wealth Creation
  • Wealth Creation
  • Asset Protection
  • Investing for Retirement with Self Managed
  • Superannuation Fund (SMSFs)
  • And more other instruments


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