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If you are looking for managing your conferences and seminars with the most accurate planning and the best performing team, our center with experience in holding several conferences in Iran and Slovakia will assist you.

These conferences and seminars are as follows:


PANA TRADE CENTER 2014 OPENING: The Pana Trade Center opened in 2014 with the best approach to dear customers with the managing director, employees and a number of dear customers.


Bratislava, Slovakia , October 2015: Meeting of the Iranian economic activists in the Slovak Republic held in Slovakia on October 1, 2015, consisting of Iranian and Slovak businessmen, on the fact that the Slovak economy needs the Iranian market and the Iranian economy needs the Slovak market .in some cases, the two countries are complementary.


Tehran, Iran, February 2015: Seminar of Iran-Central Europe and Slovak Republic Business Opportunities This conference was held on February 10, 2015 at Simorgh Hotel in Tehran, Iran with the participation of Iranian economic activists and Iranian and Slovak businessmen. The conference highlighted Slovak companies’ interest in participating in Iran’s automotive and energy industries as well as foreign investment in Slovakia.


Mashhad. Iran, January 2016: Visit of the delegation of the Slovak Republic with the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic held in Mashhad at the Darvishi Hotel on 17 and 18 January 2016. The trip met with the governor and economic officials of Mashhad, which foresaw a 50m-euro trade between Iran and Slovakia.


Tehran, Iran , January 2016: The meeting of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the Slovak Republic was held on 19,20 January 2016 at the Azadi Hotel in Tehran, where he met with the Chairman of the Central Bank and the First Vice President of the Republic, Mr. Jahangiri, and concluded an Agreement on Avoidance of Double Taxation and Support. Economic investment was made between Iran and Slovakia. A meeting was also held with the head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce, which allowed for negotiations between the Slovak and Iranian businessmen


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : 1- Are you eligible for events?

A: Absolutely, We have a history of holding several events.

Q : Is your complex responsible for the food and drink?

A: Yes All the catering business is up to us.

Q : Is it possible to present on the monitor?

A: Sure, the meeting room is equipped with an LCD and can be accessed via a laptop

Q : How many guests can your complex manage?

A: we can manage more than 80 persons.

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