Corporate law

In the area of ​​corporate law, our office will provide you with the establishment of companies (public company, limited partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company) and cooperatives and their organizational units, all corporate changes (change of business name, registered office, changes in business, change executive director, board of directors, shareholder, appointment of a proxy holder, transfer of shares, sale of shares, increase and decrease of registered capital, registration of a lien on a share and other changes in the memorandum or articles of association).

We will also arrange for you the dissolution of companies with or without liquidation (merger, merger division of companies) eventually. change of legal form to another type of company or cooperative. We also provide comprehensive legal assistance in bankruptcy proceedings.

For clients who need to own a company within 48 hours (the so-called ready made companies), we will ensure the sale of a newly established company that has been assigned a TIN or a TIN. VAT ID, or we will help with the purchase of already operating companies. If necessary, we offer the possibility of renting a registered office for the company.

We provide legal advice on the selection of a suitable legal form of a company, with regard to the subject of business, the number of partners, the amount of share capital, advice on the future functioning of the company (protection of interests of individual partners, decision-making at general meetings, etc.) corporate bodies.

In addition, we provide drafting of a silent partnership agreement, a business sale agreement, due diligence (legal audit of companies on acquisitions, division of business and other transactions focused on relevant information about partners, company participation, contractual relationships, labor and credit relationships, rights and liabilities to third parties and other relevant information as required by the client) and transaction advice.

Below is a list of the most frequently used legal services in the area of ​​corporate law, we will send you the prices of these services upon request, these always include:

  • drawing up the necessary documents
  • business notification
  • drafting and filing a proposal for a business register
  • court fee
  • taking the extract from the Commercial Register
  • notification of changes to the tax office