Register of public sector partners

Our office as an authorized person within the meaning of Act no. 315/2016 Coll. on the Register of Partners of the Trusted Sector, provides comprehensive legal services of the beneficiary related to the entry in the Register of Partners of the Public Sector.

How do I register for RPVS?

Registration is not carried out by the public sector partner itself, but through an authorized person, which is also considered to be our law firm, which, under a contract with a public sector partner, fulfills the authorized person’s obligations for the public sector partner.

Who is considered a public sector partner – who is obliged to register?

A public sector partner is any natural or legal person who is a recipient of funds, property or property rights from public sources (state, municipalities, higher territorial units and their legal entities). These include:

  • all persons receiving funds, property or property from public sources,
  • any person concluding a contract, framework agreement or concession contract under the Public Procurement Act;
  • health care provider (pharmacies, ambulances, etc.),
  • persons obliged to register in accordance with special regulations (eg holders of mining authorization, contractors of geological works, persons authorized by the toll collection manager, persons authorized by the toll collection administrator),
  • all persons to whom a claim against the state, state fund, public institution, municipality, self-governing region or a legal entity established by law has been assigned or otherwise acquired.

At the same time, the public sector partner is not a person to acquire funds, property or property rights in a lump sum of not more than EUR 100,000, -. of a value not exceeding EUR 250,000 for repeated transactions within one calendar year.

To register:

  • closing of the contract,
  • identification of end-users of benefits,
  • identification of public officials,
  • drafting and filing a proposal for registration.

The identification of the end-user of the benefits shall always be carried out:

  • in connection with the submission of an application for registration of a change in the end-user of benefits;
  • upon registration of a new authorized person in the Register,
  • by 31 December of the calendar year,
  • in connection with the conclusion or modification of the contract, and not earlier than five days before the conclusion or modification of the contract,
  • in connection with the performance of the contract, the value of which exceeds a total of EUR 1 000 000 per 30 days, not earlier than five days before the performance of the contract.