Right of residence

Our expert and experienced team provides comprehensive legal services for foreigners in the area of ​​stays on the basis of Act no. 404/2011 Coll. on the Residence of Aliens and on Amendments and Supplements to Certain Acts, as amended, in particular to assist in:

– temporary residence (for the purpose of study, employment, business, family reunification) in the territory of the Slovak Republic

– awarding a blue card to highly qualified employees

– restoration of temporary residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic

– granting permanent residence in the territory of the Slovak Republic

– EU citizens’ residence registration.

We represent our clients in front of the Alien Police. We provide a comprehensive service, which means that in addition to the proper process of defending clients’ interests throughout the proceedings before the Alien Police, including participation in the filing of official records and inspections, we will also prepare regular and extraordinary remedies for you.

With our services for foreigners you will always feel confident.